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Terms of Use

ABOUT US. We are an independent group and own all the properties featured on our site.  You can visit us online at www.rdolcegroup.com, email is bob@rdolcegroup.com or call us at  +1 847-226–2983

ADVANCE DEPOSITS.  30% of the rental cost is required to hold a rental property. You may also utilize the option to pay off the remaining balance over time.  

RESERVATION BALANCE.  Balance of rent, other fees, applicable taxes are due 30 days before arrival for many reservations. The payment schedule is 30% 180 days before check-in, 30% 120 days before check-in, and the final balance is due 30 days before check-in. 

REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT.  The security deposit covers you against reported accidental damage to the property and contents up to $1000. This does NOT cover willful, unreported damage, or negligent activities resulting in damage. You can opt out of the damage waiver fee by posting a security deposit.  This is a Refundable Security Deposit in most cases, however; the amount of the deposit returned is subject to costs for any excessive cleaning, utility overages, damage, repairs, lost keys or access devices, fines or other unusual expense arising from your stay at the property. We return security deposits via check approximately 15 days after your departure

CANCELLATION. At least 90 days prior to and our ability to re-book the unit for the same rate and term.  

UTILITIES.  Guest staying longer than 120 days are required to place utilities and cable coverage in their name.  At the end of your stay, contact the utility company to remove your name from the bill and to request the charges revert to the owner’s name. 

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL any services for the property.  Restoring services are sometimes subjected to fees.  These fees will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable. We will provide a copy of any bills for overage or service update charges.


INTERNET.  All units have internet service and cable services.  To access the internet, use the WPS button located at the top of the modem.

TELEPHONES & CALLS.  Our units no longer have phones. 

CLEANING. We will clean the unit before you arrive and after you leave. You should maintain the premises during your stay including laundry. Leave only last days’ laundry at check-out.  Excess laundry will be charged to your credit card and or security deposit at $5.00 a load. Interim cleans available at nominal expense.

PROPERTY & GATE ACCESS. Each guest has a set of keys that are accessible via the lockbox located at the property. If you lock yourself out of your unit after our office hours or on weekends, we charge $50 for lockouts that require a staff trip to the office for keys. We also charge a replacement cost for lost keys and access devices.

HOME & KITCHEN ESSENTIALS.  All units have basic kitchen and home needs including all you need to be comfortable during your stay.  At the end of each of our guests stay, items are inventoried, cleaned and maintained.

PETS. We love pets, too. AND ONLY at our Pet-Friendly properties! Pets require approval and a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 per pet. Please let us know if you intend to have your pet stay at our properties as each property has a different policy and requirements for visiting pets.


FLORIDA STATUTE CHAPTER 509. Florida Statute Chapter 509 regulates this agreement., and NOT Chapter 83 Florida Landlord Tenant Act.

NON-DISTURBANCE. All renters agree on behalf of themselves, their family, guests and invitees not to disturb the quiet enjoyment of neighbors, and acknowledge responsibility for any fine or damage incurred because of such disturbance.

HOA RULES. You are required to register with the HOA before check-in. Guests must abide by all HOA rules. All properties require a background application for each visiting guest. Gate passes and instructions for accessing the home sent before your stay.

NO SMOKING. There is no smoking allowed inside smoking at any of our properties; this includes Lanai. You may smoke outside, however, and in some cases, there are designated smoking areas.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE. Notify our office immediately when you find an item, appliance, or A/C that needs repair or maintenance. We will happily correct the problem within 24 hours of notification during normal business hours. We can make no refunds, offsets or deductions, however. Other than “normal wear and tear”, you are responsible for damage to the property and its contents.

RIGHT OF ACCESS DURING RENTAL. Agent, owner, or their assignees’ reserve and retain a right of access to the rental premises during your occupancy for purposes of repairs, inspections, and showings. Some rentals are for sale or may become for sale during your stay. For showings, we normally give you 24-hour notice.


HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNITY. The agent and owner of the unit shall not be liable for any damage or injury to any guest or their personal property. Guest agrees to indemnify the owner for any damages [beyond the damage waiver limit] to the property or home, furnishings, equipment, and household items therein, excluding normal wear and tear, which occur during guest’s occupancy.

Guest agrees to hold agent and owner harmless against any claims for damage or injury, including Guests’ failure to vacate premises timely.

COMPARABLE ACCOMMODATIONS OR REFUND. From time to time circumstances cause us to remove units from our list of available properties.

We reserve the right at our sole choice to either comparable substitute accommodations for the same period without liability for breach of contract or provide a full refund which will operate as a mutual release from this rental