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Purchasing A Home

I would like to thank Dolce Investments and his wife Martinique for the best experience I have had in a lease purchase of a home. 

I have been renting the home for 3 months not knowing if I had to move or not and I was offered to buy the home I was renting with an easy lease purchase to buy. The transition was very simple and quick. 

I love my home and Pine Lakes. Robert and Martinique have been very accommodating I would definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in renting or purchasing a home. Thank you again to Robert and Martinique Dolce you have made my buying experience a pleasant one.      ~Stacey Rene


LEASE PURCHASE – Buy Your Dream Home with $4500 Down or Condo for $9500 Down

Mortgage companies are making it virtually impossible for well-qualified individuals to obtain a loan. Consequently, we have initiated our own Financing program for individuals that we believe are qualified. We have enabled numerous individuals to purchase homes, some with questionable credit ratings and small down payments. Our program is designed for quality people that deserve a break.

Monthly payments range from $900-$1500 depending on property and finance terms.



The Lease Purchase program requires a minimum of $4500 Down, which is added to a Down Payment Fund. Additional amounts of at least $2500/year are added to the DPF until it reaches the required Down Payment amount. When the Down Payment amount is satisfied, a Financed Purchase Agreement is executed.

Monthly rental payments before the Financed Purchase Agreement is signed do not apply to the purchase of the home.

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