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We have experienced an increase in demand for Seasonal Rentals for the 2018/2019 season. This is the first year when all but one of our Manufactured Homes are booked for next season before the end of March, 2018. In an effort to meet this increased demand, we are offering a new opportunity for guests that are interested in renting one of our Properties for next season.

We always have a list of Properties that are potential candidates to purchase. These homes all meet the Standard of Excellence that is consistent with our existing inventory and are in the following Monthly price range:

$995-$1395 May-November

$1295-$1795-April and December


Homes on Perimeter Lots are on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, Homes on Wooded Lots are in the mid-range and Homes on Golf Course or Water Lots are on the higher end. 

Our offer is that we will purchase one of the homes on our current BUY list for Customers that are prepared to pay a minimum of $8,780 up front for a 2018/2019 Seasonal Rental. For example, a four month rental from December-March for a Perimeter Lot Home would be $8780. This up front investment will help us cost justify the purchase of an additional Manufactured Home for next Season. This is a new offer, so we are interested in your thoughts and we can be flexible with the offer. Also, depending on the amount of interest, we reserve the right to end the offer at any time.