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What We Can Do for You

We have been providing people in the Greater Fort Myers area with Properties to rent and Lease Purchase, with financing, for over 10 years. We have developed an impressive following of repeat customers who have come to Fort Myers from all around the world; especially the east coast, Midwest, Canada and Europe.

The main thing that they have in common is that they want to escape the cold climate and enjoy the sun-filled paradise of Southwest Florida.  Some stay for a short time and some stay for extended periods of time, but they almost always come back.

We play an integral role in part of the retirement planning process for some of our customers. Retiring in Florida is a dream for many people and where to live and what house to buy can be an exciting, but daunting thought process. We can help our clients through this process removing much of the risk and stress by enabling them to try out FM before making a huge investment.

Just rent one of our many properties to see if FM is for you, it’s a low-cost way to try out this location. If you think that you like it here, you may want to consider one the following options:

  • Purchase from our inventory with owner financing
  • Rent again next season
  • Rent from us with the option to purchase
We can also customize a rental/purchase program for you with one or more of the following features:

Find a home that best suites your needsRemodel and/or decorate so it's ready for you when you arrive
Provide financingManage your home when you are not here